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TBULGARIAN EMBROIDERIES by PAPER are made by the kids from Kids’ Architecture Workshop and their teacher Magdalina Rajeva.

Symbols and Signs, used in the embroideries:

Animal ornaments

  • –  Turtle – the so called knotwork. The turtle is often used as a sign for eternity. It is a symbol of eternity Because it symbolizes eternity, the ancient Bulgarians wore it as a protective amulet against misfortunes. Horse, rooster, etc.Vegetal ornaments
  • –  Geometry forms are used to represent plants. Tree of life. This ornament is closely connected to the cult of motherhood and fertility. It represents the cyclical character of the cosmic evolution – life, death. Vine, tulip – ruling, royal sign

Sun signs

  • –  One of the most ancient Sun signs is the cross. Embroidery with a cross was used mainly to decorate the sleeves, skirt and breast part of the female shirts, the low-cut sleeveless dresses, the head-cloths. According to the ancient beliefs, the evil (illnesses, curses, “bad eyes”, and all kinds of evil powers) strike the person just where the body is unprotected by the clothes, their openings, slits and ends.
  • – The Swastika is a symbol known in the Bulgarian embroidery by the time of the early neolith. For thousands of years it had symbolized people’s dearest hopes for fertility, success, love, joy, and prosperity.Birth signs
  • –  Engagement, race, family, etc.The power of colors and stitches in embroideryThe Bulgarian folk costumes are full of colors, but the main ones are red and green, and golden, on a white base.
  • engagement, wedding, family, kin, tribe, akin families, blood relationship, akin tribes, turtle-planet….