A fun and easy project about a UFO from the “Land Beyond the Rainbow” and Iva, Vyara and Dari.

You need:

  • paper plates
  • paints
  • markers
  • paper glue
  • hot silicone glue
  • glitter
  • beads
  • plastic caps
  • thread
  • empty toilet paper rolls
  • crepe paper
  • scissors

UFO from paper platesUFO from paper plates

Take one of the plates (the bigger one) and make eight cuts to the inner circle. Fold slightly and glue the two parts next to each cut. You may use clothing pegs until the glue dries up.

UFO from paper plates

Cut the other plate just enough to fold its ends, and use it as a base of the object. Use hot silicone to glue the plastic caps. They will be the UFO engines.

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