Krokotak has a personal attitude towards this idea. My son (5 years old) could not move away from the booth of the Children Architectural Workshop at the Kid’s Fair in Sofia until he finished his A4 airport project. He was very proud of that and kept on adding and expanding it a few days after that. A lot of other kids created different colorful cities during the fair … and all that with just an A4 sheet of paper. Great idea.

logoChildren Architectural Workshop presents the 3D game “A tale of city” during the 7th edition for this year of the international аrchitecural online magazine for kids – Amag.


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Amag! Issue 05 article #07, “A4 Story of a City” by Arch for Children, Sofia (Bulgaria) from Amag! on Vimeo.


A4 Story of a City – template

print template here:



Once upon a time …

With these magical words begin most of the traditional fairy tales from our childhood. Ordinary words that bring small kids and their parents to another parallel imaginative world where everything is possible …

“A4 story of a City“ is an exercise created by Children Architectural Workshop, Sofia, Bulgaria where children learn more about the realm of architecture. It is an urban game that aims to develop children`s knowledge about the city and how it works. Defining basic people`s activities like housing, learning, working and relaxing, the children discover different building types that correspond to them. In a playful way the kids become aware of the surrounding buildings and learn more about the functional connections between them. Children perceive architecture above all emotionally and with their imagination. For them a building is never just bricks and concrete. They bring it to life and can tell us endless stories that are filled with magic. Kids love exploring and experimenting, they love creating. The challenge to transform A4 sheet of paper in a three dimensional city model turns to be an exciting experience for them.


  1. Print A4 template sheet
  2. Cut the full lines
  3. Fold the dash lines
  4. Bend the stripe and glue it on the hatch
  5. Imagine a story and characters
  6. Add drawings on your model – doors, windows, paths, flowers, etc.
  7. Try with another empty A4 paper – don`t use the template, use your imagination
  8. Combine different A4 models, create a city and play

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