Make your own Alphabet book

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This is our alphabet book inspired by HERE.

The pictures and the book itself were made half a year ago, but my son has kept it and keeps on browsing it from time to time.

It took us several days to make the whole alphabet. I was making the outlines of the letters, and he was decorating them. After that we glued them on A5 sized cartoons (different colors).

I have prepared special pictures with objects and animals (suitable both for the Cyrillic or Latin alphabet).

What was the best part of the job, was that while we were making the book, my son learned the whole alphabet!

We have arranged them in the correct order and stuck them together with a big paper clip clasp. Now, every time when my son forgets some letter he knows where to find it.

You can find a lot of similar books in the bookshop, but when the kid has made it, it is more valuable.

Make your own Alphabet book Make your own Alphabet book

5 Make your own Alphabet book

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