Great idea presented by Knijanka. This is a project of the kids from the preschool group of the  Bulgarian School in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and their teacher Nadezhda Gospodinova. The pictures in the windows of the letters are made by Kalina.

materials: 5 sheets of white paper and 5 sheets of colored paper (size A4). It will be used for the basis. Paper knife, glue, pencil for sketching.




  • Draw lines for the letters.
  • Draw the letters, using a standard font.
  • Decide the way how the window of each letter will be opened.
  • Use the paper knife to make the cuts.
  • Place the colored paper onto a white paper and glue them.
  • Draw a picture in each window, preferably related to the letter.


We wish youa  great alphabetic adventure!



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