Can you decipher what we wrote?

You will need a CODE CIRLE… and you’ll have to know that we used code X .


4How can you code and decode a message?

Make yourself a CODE CIRCLE.

The little circle shows the code alphabet, and the big circle shows the ordinary alphabet.

Attach the two circles together with a paper fastener so that the big one starts from the letter A, and the little one starts from the letter  X. That way your code can be referred to as code X.

Your circles must be attached together everytime so you can read any coded message with code X.

When you want to encode the letter B (in code X), look up the letter in the big circle and write down the letter directly below it. In this case this is the letter U.

I hope we have explained it well 🙂


Materials for making your own  CODE CIRCLE:

– printable template,

– scissors,

– glue,

– paper fastener,

– thumbtack,

– cardboard

– pencils


Рrint out the template. Cut out the circles and glue onto thicker cardboard.

Drive the thumbtack through the centre of the little circle, then throught the centre of the larger circle, then into an eraser. Your CODE CIRCLE is ready.

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