insBeautiful Hand FansBeautiful Hand Fans

Beautiful and easy to make hand fan.

You will need:

  • colored sheets of paper
  • scissors
  • paper punch
  • glue
  • ribbon

Beautiful Hand Fans

Prepare tree sheets of paper in different colors. They should be equal in length but different in width.
Beautiful Hand Fans

For the smallest sheet of paper: fold it several times and punch it with the paper punch well enough.

Beautiful Hand Fans

 For the mid-sized and biggest sheet of paper:  cut into small stripes the two ends of the paper.
DIY Easy hand fan

Mark the middle of each sheet. Arrange by size and fold it into the harmonica pattern. Insert the ribbon into the middle, before gluing the one end to the other.

Beautiful Hand Fans

When teh fan is ready, make the paper more “brushy” with your fingers.

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