cover DIY city kite

This kite is light and easy to make. It differs from the classic kites by the materials used for its making (a plastic bag, drinking straws and scotch tape).

When we were young, we used old newspapers, wooden sticks, and glue made of water and wheat.
DIY city kite DIY city kite


Cut the bendy part of the straws.

Insert the straws one into the other.

To do this easier press one of the ends to make it flat. DIY city kite

Put scotch tape at the joints. Prepare two ”sticks” of different sizes.DIY city kite

Shape them in the form a cross and fix them with the scotch tape. Cut the ends of straws so that the thread can be attached and make the kite look completed.

DIY city kite

Cut open a big plastic bag. Take a piece that is slightly bigger than the size of the kite. Turn up the ends of the bag and fix with the scotch tape.DIY city kite

Put the thread. Make a tail with the remains of the bag.DIY city kite

Decorate the with a permanent marker.DIY city kite

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