Scarf with print - cats on potatoes

A quick project from Elia (www. for the scarf lovers, and even more for the cats lovers.

You will need:

  • a piece of cloth
  • fabric paints and marker
  • plastic cups and dishes where to dilute the paints
  • two potatoes
  • a metal fork and a small knife or a similar object for the shaping of the potato
  • plastic spoons

Wash and peel the potato. Use it to shape a sketch of a cat’s head. Use the metal fork -it is easier to put the stamp with it. Dilute the pain in the plastic cups before you start placing the stamps. If you are going to use the cloth as a scarf it is a good idea to put stamps on both sides.

Scarf with print - cats on potatoes Scarf with print - cats on potatoes

When the cloth dries up draw cheeks with a pink marker for fabric. Draw eyes, moustcahes and noses with a black marker.

When you are ready fix the paint with an iron, if the instructions accompanying the fabric paint require it.

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