The Flying Gardens of KROKOTAK

The Flying Gardens of KROKOTAK



-Mum, why do you always think of flowers… this year the flowers are always in my mind… instead of visiting the clothes shops I keep on going to the nearby nursery garden and count if my money will be enough for another flower. The rest will be spent next week….


The same flying balloons made of paper handkerchiefs and perfect for the kids’ room decoration.


We used paper lanterns and a paper bag (perfect for the flower planter mod), tissue paper (you can also use paper handkerchiefs) and heavily diluted PVA glue.


Cut strips from the tissue paper and put on the lantern. Cover the tissue with the highly diluted PVA glue and a soft brush.


It’s not the most pleasant view, but when it dries up a nice aquarel effect is achieved. To see how to make the flower planter mod you can check what we did with the Recycled Paper Bag BASKET.


Cut the bag into long strips.


Fold each strip lengthwise to close it and make it double. Then we iron the strips so the folds would be smooth and our strips would be good for weaving.


Start weaving the basket.

13When the basket is ready put a milk box in it. This well prevent the basket from the water.


Make 4 holes and put two ribbons. Tie the ribbons to the lantern.


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