Origami ships Origami ships

I have forgotten how easy these ships are made. And since our overseas vacation is going on for a second month, every day I can see different vessels sailing along East River NYC. The kids are not used to this and the variety amuses them – taxis, sail boats, and cargo ships.

Origami ships

May be this is what reminded me of the ships from my childhood and made me use a leaflet to to make one. Since we arrived in New York I have been collecting any free leaflets, maps, etc. so that I look at them at home… We have become real experts at reading the maps, especially the kids spotting the amazing playgrounds in Central Park:)

Origami ships

The base of the ship is a rectangle (the bigger, the better). The paper should not be very hard. The folding is easy, just don’t forget to turn the sheet every time when the diagram says.

Origami ships

When you are ready with the folding, open the two ends and fold it by the diagonal. The ship is ready.

Корабчета оригамиOrigami ships

We put a flag, too.

Origami ships

You can make a nice sea decoration!

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