Monster fish

The kinds from the summer workshop of “OBSTINATE CROWS” have made these scary clay fishes.

You will need:
-piece of white clay
-felt-tip pen cap, tooth-pick
-bowl filled with water
-water, temper or acrylic paints
-a sheet of white paper and scissors
-PVA glue
First, remove 1/3 of the clay. Use the bigger hunk to shape the body of the fish. The smaller one will serve you for all the other elements – eyes, tail, fins and decoration.

Monster fish

When you are ready with the body, as shown above, make the eyes. When it comes to the sticking job, be sure to do some scratches with a toothpick, where the elements, pretty moistened with a solution of water and a few vinegar drops, will stick together. This water-vinegar stuff is for the clay, what the glue is for the paper. So, if you don’t want unpleasant surprises when the clay dries, don’t forget the toothpick and moistening steps. Otherwise the elements will fall apart, and you, certainly, don’t want that, do you.
Monster fish

The fish has a really big mouth and eyes.
Monster fish

Continue with the shaping of the tail.

Monster fish Monster fish Monster fish

After that, do the finishing touches of the eyes with the help of a felt-tip pen. Decorate the fins a toothpick. Add small dots on the body of the fish.

Monster fish


Leave the fish to dry up as much time as it needs. Paint it in bright colours. Cut the scary teeth from paper.

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