DIY paper alligator

DIY paper alligator DIY paper alligator

Why did we do these funny and durable alligators?  – because the whole KROKOTAK family is on a long summer trip (we are even on another continent) … with all the things that we had to take with us in the suitcases, the room for the toys was so scarce ….

This time, instead of a crocodile, we made an alligator, as it is more typical for America 🙂
Крокодил от лист А4

 You will need:

  • an A4 sheet of paper
  • glue, scissors, felt-tip pen
  • a strip of white paper (for the teeth).

Fold the paper making 8 equal bands. Cut them as shown on the picture above. At the end you should have 2 long, 2 thin, and 11 short bands.Крокодил от лист А4

Крокодил от лист А4

The body of the alligator is made by 10 short bands.  Крокодил от лист А4

 These are the remaining parts for the rest of the alligator.

Крокодил от лист А4

 The tail is made from a long band. Insert it and glue it at the end.

Крокодил от лист А4

The mouth is made from the second long band.
Крокодил от лист А4The legs are made from the two thin bands, which are folded by the middle, glued and folded in both ends.


The eyes are made by the last, eleventh, short band.

Крокодил от лист А4To make your alligator scary apply the sharp teeth 🙂

 Крокодил от лист А4

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