3 Easter ideas

We may consider the teachers from Prolet kindergarten in Sevlievo as part of the KROKOTAK team. They have always been very creative, always sending high resolution pictures showing the main steps, close ups and distant pics, and the most important pics of the kids.

It is not easy to do this when there are so many kids around you. The camera is the last thing you think of 🙂

I want to thank you the entire team of kindergarten Prolet and specially Violeta Vasileva and Nadya Mihaylova.

Now have a look at the Easter ideas sent to us by group 4 of kindergarten Prolet in Sevlievo:

1. Chicken-postcard

3 Easter ideas

3 Easter ideas

 2. Chicken from a chocolate egg

Великденски идеи от Севлиевоv

3 Easter ideas 3 Easter ideas

3. Easter bunny from cork3 Easter ideas 3 Easter ideas

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