Rag doll - Baba Marta Rag doll - Baba Marta

In Bulgarian folklore the month of March is often portrayed as a plump, cheerful old lady, “baba Marta”. The 1st day of her reign is celebrated with red and white ornaments in various designs – as bracelets, brooches, pom-poms… 
The origins of this ritual are lost in time, but the meaning is clear – they are luck charms you give away to wish good health (and good looks, too!) Friends, family, even pets and domestic animals get one.They are also a countdown to spring – you wear them every day until you see the first stork, or swallow, or blossoming tree. Then you take the martenitsa off and tie it to a branch.

iva's creations

Look at this marvellous Baba Marta doll made from cloth.

Here KROKOTAK was just the photographer. The designer of the puppet was Iva (Iva’s Creations).

The making of this doll is similar to the making of the Russian kolokolchik doll.

DIY Rag doll - Baba Marta

Apart from the three kinds of coloured cloth, you will need also some white cloth for the head and the hands, some lace and a piece of wadding or cotton.


The sizes shown here are just exemplary.

Кукла от плат - Баба Марта

First make the base and shape the doll, using the smaller rectangular piece of white cloth.

DIY Rag doll - Baba Marta

After that lay the three circles. Tie each circle around the head of the doll that has been shaped there.

DIY Rag doll - Baba Marta

Shape the face and the hands from the big white rectangle. Put lace on the head.DIY Rag doll - Baba Marta

At the end tie the kerchief. First cross it at the front part of the doll, then pass it under the hands and finally tie it at the back.

DIY Rag doll - Baba Marta

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