Paper bracelet origami Paper bracelet origami

This time we will make an origami bracelet, made in the colours of the Bulgarian matrenitsa – red and white. The bracelet is very beautiful and fun to make by the bigger kids.

Paper bracelet origami

You will need white and red sheets of A4 paper. Look at the picture to see how to fold each sheet to make the base form. Every sheet of paper produces 16 smaller strips.

Paper bracelet origami

Fold each of the strips as shown on the picture above.Paper bracelet origami

Follow the diagram above to fasten the separate strips. The result should be one strong and elastic chain.

Paper bracelet origamiPaper bracelet origami

The ending is a bit tricky. You have to open the already closed strips and squeeze them through the other end of the bracelet.Paper bracelet origami

In Bulgarian folklore the month of March is often portrayed as a plump, cheerful old lady, “baba Marta”. The 1st day of her reign is celebrated with red and white ornaments in various designs – as bracelets, brooches, pom-poms… 
The origins of this ritual are lost in time, but the meaning is clear – they are luck charms you give away to wish good health (and good looks, too!) Friends, family, even pets and domestic animals get one.They are also a countdown to spring – you wear them every day until you see the first stork, or swallow, or blossoming tree. Then you take the martenitsa off and tie it to a branch.

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