Horse head from threadHorse head from threadHorse head from thread

Use a book or a notebook to roll evenly thin white thread. Before you remove it from the book, tie red thread in the middle. The mouth of the horse will be shaped there.

Horse head from thread

Use another red thread to shape the muzzle, carefully passing the thread from the first tying on both sides. Leave the ends long enough because later on you will make another tie.

Horse head from thread

Below tie a red and white interwoven thread, but don’t make it too tight. The red threads from the firs tie must pass through it too.

Bend the rest of the white threads to shape the head of the horse.

Horse head from thread

The red threads from the first tying will be used for the mane – just tie knots.

Tie the thread, remaining from the second tying, to shape the neck of the horse.

At the end cut with the scissors the tips of the white threads and glue the eyes to make your horse more beautiful.

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