Here you can see some of the ideas you have sent to us at If you want to share your interesting Christmas ideas and see them published in KROKOTAK, please send us high quality and high resolution pictures:) 

Направи си сам коледна украса

Boryana Nikolova – A Christmas paper cake ( the template for print is HERE) for the Christmas bazaar of her kid at the kindergarten. There is a piece of cake and a chocolate coin in each piece. The pieces are fastened by a ribbon. The fir tree in the middle is made by meat packagings, painted green and fastened by silicone and pearls.


Mimi Mitova – A 3D post card with a textile bag for gems.


Teodora Karcheva – The beautiful Christmas door of the pupils at Primary School Petko Slaveykov, Plovdiv. Everyone can decorate the school or home door with a little cardboard, paper and a lot of cotton.

Виолета-ВасилеваVioleta Vasileva – dwarfs, made by the kids from group 4 of Prolet kindergarten, Sevlievo.



Christmas anticipation – Everything except a few things is made of waste materials /tissue paper, cardboard, cork stoppers/

The works are done by the teachers V. Marinova, P. Gencheva, and of course the kids from kindergarten No. 6 Nezdbravka, Pleven.



Boryana Nikolova – a snowman and a fir tree, made by the same packagings and pieces of clothings, black pepper, wadding, etc.Denitsa-Alexandrova1

Denitsa Alexandrova from Kozluduy – Balls for the Christmas tree made of a crumpled newspaper and thread, coiled over it.

Gergana Timova and her son have made a snowman out of an empty bottle of kid’s shampoo, and a fir tree made of the waste from sharpened pencils:)


Mariya Nikolova – an easy idea for a fir tree. All you need is wire and a garland. Coil the wire in a spiral, pull it and form a cone. Put a circle at the base to make the fir tree. Then apply the garland.


Tsveta Vasileva – A Christmas Calendar, made by empty toilet paper rolls.

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