Desktop photo frame. We collected enough identical lolly sticks to make all those things. We did not even paint them- they looked fine as they were. They are easy to attach with PVA glue.

Picture magazine puzzle – cut out some simple pictures from a kids’ magazine and glue them on the sticks. Cut the picture with a precision knife. See also: DIY box puzzle, matchbox puzzle.

This photo frame is really easy to make – just tie 4 lolly sticks together to make a frame. We made 3 frames which we hung together. Choose thicker cardboard for the base to make your frames heavier. You can also try these DIY paper frames.

Flower vase – we used an empty aluminium can, some lolly sticks, 2 rubber bands and some twine to decorate the whole vase.

Paper puppets  – cut your favorite characters from a magazine or draw them on thick cardboard. The performance is ready to begin!

And a few ideas from Polia Gencheva.

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