Paper diamonds for decorationPaper diamonds for decoration Paper diamonds for decoration Paper diamonds for decoration

Paper diamonds for decoration

We made these huge diamonds, while we were preparing the paper fir trees. You need two sheets of A4 printer paper. The form is very flexible and it is suitable both for a separate decoration and the finishing element of hanging Christmas snowflakes, for example. They make a beautiful garland when strung up together.

Paper diamonds for decoration

The basic form here is the square, cut from an A4 sheet of paper and folded by the diagonals. It is better if the sheet is folded by the middled and the diagonals.Paper diamonds for decorationYou can find steps (1) and (4, 5, 6) difficult. Paper diamonds for decorationWhen you are ready with the folding on the one side, turn the form and repeat the steps on the other side.Paper diamonds for decoration

Cut the lower part and fold by the middle.

.Paper diamonds for decoration

Draw the design, shown on the picture and cut it. When you open the paper, you will have half of the beautiful diamond.Paper diamonds for decoration

Cut two of these halves. Fold the ends inside. Thus you will be able to glue the two parts easier.Paper diamonds for decoration

When you stick together the two halves, the diamond is ready. Actually, it’s not so difficult, as it appears to be:)

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