Stickers for the Classroom

Digits, flying books and merry kids….

Stickers for the Classroom

Apart from the pencil tree, the children liked the giraffe metre very much… they still seem to be excited with the how-tall-am-I thing.

Stickers for the ClassroomThe classroom of our grown-up krokotak-girl is already ready to welcome the pupils for the new school year. We used stickers, made according to our own project, but realised and put on the walls by the sunny Asya (

My daughter’s teacher asked me to make drawings in their classroom… But I have neither the free time, nor the experience in such “large-scale” mural paintings.:). So the solution was to make stickers – they were easy to stick and gave a more modern look to the room. And last but not least, their price was similar to that of the acrylic paints, that had to be used for the paining.

logoInterior designer Tanya Ahmed ( helped us even make a 3D project to convince the teacher that everything would look great.

Stickers for the Classroom

The main constraint was that the stickers had to be related with school matters… so the coloured world map did a good job. There were painted windows on the wall, just below the ceiling, and we put some books there, which made the room look more cosy… to me it looks like a library:)

Stickers for the Classroom

We had to put these portraits, too – we made them look more contemporary putting them over a sticker pad which had green leaves and singing birds:)

Stickers for the Classroom

This was part of the work on the putting of the stickers, which took about 2-3 hours for the whole room.

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