Leaflet Pirate HatsMy pirates didn’t want to smile. Have you ever seen a smiling pirate 🙂 They haven’t got a ship, so the garden swing will be their pirate ship…Leaflet Pirate Hats

When the paper was folded into hats, the kids coloured them in pirate motifs.Leaflet Pirate Hats

Almost every day we find print adverts in the mailbox. As a person, who has spent a lot of time in the advertising business, I know that my colleagues have spent long hours to design and print them. And they almost immediately end up in the dust bin… it is sad to throw out someone’s work this way, isn’t it…

Here is our summer backyard idea for the new leaflets that will come to your mailbox these days – PIRATE HATS.

We have coloured the papers with very dilute tempera colours beforehand to make the “top offers” less visible. And as it’s unbearably hot outside they dried up almost immediately. After that we easily folded the sheets and created our hats. The kids were shrewd enough to put a black eye patch and the  play started.

Leaflet Pirate Hats

DIY costume for kids