Old Notebook PINWHEELSвятърна въртележка

The holidays have come! We received the certificates, gathered the notebooks and books in a cardboard box specially prepared for this. We were so reluctant to throw out the empty sheets of paper from the mathematics notebook … So we decided to color them and made great pinwheels.They spin perfectly!

Using the notebooks a grid for coloring, you can make beautiful handmade sheets of paper for your pinwheels.


вятърна въртележкаYou remember them, don’t you 🙂 We made so many of them when we were kids…

Apart from a sheet of paper, you also need a pin and a pencil.

вятърна въртележка

Use a square sheet of paper. Cut with scissors along the diagonals, stopping before you get to the center. Bend the first corner of each triangle to the center and attach to make the pinwheel.

Have a great vacation!