Заекът и неговата мечта - направи си сам :)


Long after I attended the premiere of  “The Rabbit and His Dream”  by Maria Doneva with my daughter, I was speaking enthusiastically about the wonderful evening Maria (www.mdoneva.com) gave us. My child was laughing desperately at her verse, she listened to the whole book and even asked for an autograph and one of the rabbits Maria had made. Since that moment the rabbit is the favorite toy at our home, and my daughter makes him new clothes from whatever fabric she can get from Mom. He is also valiantly guarded from the militant little brother who’s taken hold of almost all toys and called them his.

Заекът и неговата мечта - направи си сам :)

Мaria Doneva at her premiere. Besides being tastefully clad  (with stylish illustrations and book design) “The Rabbit and His Dream” is a poem about life – about love and joy. About the sea. And about rabbits. But mostly about love and joy. 

The book takes you out of everyday life, shakes you lightly and asks – did we not forget something while we were in a hurry to finish a thousand little things… if you have the time (15 minutes), read it… aloud. And not only to yourself, but to your kids and friends, too… 


Following Maria’s instructions, we made a printable template. Polar fleece fabric works best.

Заекът и неговата мечта - направи си сам :)

the body

Заекът и неговата мечта - направи си сам :)the legs9

the arms

Заекът и неговата мечта - направи си сам :)

the ears


the rabbit before you start sewing


Sewn, turned over, stuffed and ready to be assembled.


Do not forget the most important part – the face and the smile upon it 🙂


Here are some of all the rabbits who have started living their own life.

More fabric, yarn and thread ideas: