After last year’s failed attempt at making a store-bought Grass Head grow some hair, this summer we made our own. The results were great. Only the sprouting took some time – maybe because it was so sad and rainy outside. 

Here are several different ideas for the container where you could plant the grass seeds. It could be a problem to find those seeds, though. Luckily a wonderful girl from a florist shop made some little packages especially for us, so we wouldn’t have to plant a whole meadow. That’s how I know that in Sofia, in the florist shop at St. Naoum Blvd (close to the Russian Lycee) you can find small packages of grass seeds.

The little princess – we have put some beads at the base to stabilize the head.

The fearsome pirate – we made the eyes with leftover stickers from old books.

You will need a nylon sock, some grass seeds, 4 rubber bands and some soil. Open the sock with your fingers and put a large quantity of seeds at the bottom. Start filling the sock with soil, making sure the seeds stay at the bottom. pressed well by the potting soil.

When the sock is full enough to make a head, tie at the bottom with the first rubber band, Cut away the extra length of sock. Pull at the sock head to make three balls and tie each one with a rubber band. This will make the eyes and the nose that pop up from above the fence. 🙂

Wet the whole head under running water. Pour more water in a suitable container and place Mr Grass Head inside.

We made the fence from disassembled wooden clothespins. We recently showed a  similar idea.

Here’s how our little grass man looked before we decorated it.

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