The EGG That Never FALLS

This egg may tumble but will not fall. When you put it on a flat surface and you push it with your hand, it will sway this way and that, but will always get upright again. Like the Russian Roly Poly dolls (неваляшки)  🙂

There’s a bit of plasticine stuck at the bottom of the egg. It is what makes the egg always go back to its initial position.


We made this project, inspired by the book “Scientific Experiments and Art Projects” published by Fuit.

tumbling egg

Break an egg in two on the edge of a plastic bowl and carefully pour its contents out. Wash the two parts of the shell well and dry them. Glue a piece of plasticine inside the lower part. Wait for the glue to dry.

The EGG That Never FALLS

Put glue at the end of the shell. Glue the two halves well, trying to make them fit together well.

клатушкащо се яйце

When you have glued back the egg, use torn paper napkins and diluted PVA glue to cover the whole egg. When everything is dry again, you can decorate your tumbling egg with felt-tip pens 🙂

The EGG That Never FALLS

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