This is the hat crocheted by Elitsa Nikolova – her entry into our Recycled Crafts Competition. , The yarn it was crocheted from was made from plastic bags.
To illustrate the method, KROKOTAK took pictures of every step of the process. It’s easy and very impressive – we tried it already. 🙂
You can use the same method to make many different things – vase and flowerpot rings, bags or bowls.

After you remove the upper and the lower parts, cut the plastic bag into several strips. When you open them, you will get plastic bag circles.

Connect every pair of circles as shown above (to avoid knots) until you get a very long string that you can use to knit all sorts of things.

Severina Tepovicharova published thie Plastic bag doormat on our Facebook page.

Magdalena Atanassova showed us two costumes she made for the Recycling day at her kids’ preschool.
The knight and his princess – Martin (6) and Stella (3) Atanassovi from Varna.
“Knight’s armour” The armour and the sword cover were made from polyethylene bags. Fold the bag lengthwise and cut it into strips. Join the strips together to make a long string. Use the string to crochet the chainmail. The hand protectors were made from the two halves of a plastic bottle, attached with rubber bands. The shield was made from cardboard and decorated with jar lids. The helmet was made of cardboard and coverеd with ‘gold’ paper. The ‘princess gown’ consists of two parts – a top and a skirt. The top was crocheted from plastic bags. Cut the bag into strips, but when you tie the bags together, let some of the ends show. They will decorate the front of the top. Braid some strips to make the shouder straps and the ties.
The skirt was made from plastic bag strips, tied onto an elastic band.The headband was made from braided plastic bag strips.

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