Here’s how you can turn a young lady into a beautiful fairy. You’ll need a tailor for the dress (our grandma did the job), and you can make the rest from tissue paper, some wire and glue. To decorate the wings and the crown, print out the template  so you won’t have to match the sizes. Use silver/gold cardboard, glitter paints and various small fabric hearts.

For the crown and the magic wand уou will need a thin headband, a stick (or several lengths of wire covered with pink paper ribbon), scissors, a piece of paper rope and some glue. Print out the crown template and try to make it from colored cardboard, contour glitter paints and fabric hearts 🙂 Attach the crown to the headband and the star to the wand. Use the paper rope to make the star ‘tail’.

To make the wings, you will need wire,  pliers, two sheets of thin wrapping paper, some glue and a pair of scissors. If you don’t have any wire, you can use two wire hangers – the kind you get from the dry cleaners’. Shape the wings from the wire. Crumple the paper well. Cut out pieces that are slightly larger than the wing. Glue the paper to the wing, folding and gluing close to the wier. Use PVA glue and don’t worry about getting any on the paper. It will disappear when it’s dry. Attach the wings to the child’s torso with the paper rope.

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