We are happy to introduce our new book  – the KROKOTAK Fine Motor Skills Workbook

While I was preparing the book, I kept thinking about our little friend Angel, who will be starting school this fall. Tracing is for him the most boring thing on earth. That’s why I tried to make it not ‘boring’ but colorful, cheerful, merry. 
The activities in the KROKOTAK workbook are designed to develop the fine motor skills of children in preschool. Those skills are essential for writing, that’s why children need to start training them in preschool or even earlier with different exercises. The child needs to build certain habits before he starts writing. We adults have forgotten how difficult it can be for little hands to hold a pen (brush or pencil), to draw straight, curved or zig-zag lines, to keep within a contour. Only when the child learns to control her fingers can she easily master the writing of more complex letters and numbers. It can learn to concentrate for longer periods of time without getting tired.
The development of fine motor skills is one of the indicators for school readiness.
KROKOTAK Workbook 48 pages, paperback, A4 format, 6.99 leva (2.99 Euro) .