… or how to invite back that sunny weather…

You will need 7 cardboard stips in different colors. The longest one is 30 cm, or the length of an A4 sheet. Each strip is about 1.5 cm shorter than the previous one.

Stack the strips and staple them together at one end.

Now bring the other ends together and staple them, too. Your rainbow is ready… try to follow the natural order of colors.

Make some cotton balls and glue them at both ends of the rainbow.

Now you have to make the raindrops. Each one is made from three identical pieces of paper. Fold each one in two, stack them together and cut them into a raindrop shape.

When you’re gluing them together, put a bead on a thread in the middle. The bead will weigh down your raindrops and make them glow.

Hang the raindrops from the rainbow.