My daughter (6) was very proud when she learned this craft and made a long cord that we later used to make the pretty flower. A toilet paper roll and four ice-cream sticks are all you need to make this great cord-knitting machine.

It’s good exercise for little fingers 🙂

Here’s how you make the ‘basic machine’ for knitting the cord with. Take an empty toilet paper roll and use masking tape to attach 4 ice-cream sticks (or something similar) as shown on the picture above.

Use thick yarn. Insert one end into the opening and wind the yarn as shown, then start winding the other end around the ice-cream sticks.

Use another sharp stick (we used a wooden skewer) or even your fingers to lift the lower string and make a stitch that you pull inside the opening. From time to time pull the thread down to tighten the cord. As I’m not so sure if the pictures illustrate the method clearly enough, we made our first video instructions 🙂

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