What a beautiful birthday party! I had long wanted to post these colorful lamps. They are the work of Bilyana Getzova –  mamaNAMALENA with the beautiful hats we posted some time ago. I asked Bilyana to show me the exact method of makinf them. When I followed her instructions, I made some pretty tissue flowers that could be used to decorate many different things:

1. You need standard sheets of tissue paper in 3-4-5 different colors.
2. Cut the paper in 4 equal rectangles like the ones in the photo (appr. A5 format).
3. Choose the colors and arrange them diagonally.
4. Hold the tissue rectangles in your hand and pinch them in the middle from below to make something like an irregular cone.
5. Twist the pinched end until you feel that the whole thing is stable enough and the paper layers won’t fall apart.
6 Tie the lower end with paper wire.
7 Use sticky tape to attach the flowers wherever you like.

And these are our experimental WINTER FLOWERS for the cold days ahead 🙂

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