These egg cartons are so universal! It might be their shape or the carton they are made of . They are easy to glue, color and cut.

–źnd these are our new spiders… great Halloween decoration. You can put them anywhere, you can decorate hats, masks… or anything.

You will need an egg carton, 2 pipecleaners (cut them in 2 to get 4 smaller ones), tempera paints and googly eyes.

Cut the egg ‘nests’ and paint them.

Cut the two pipecleaners to make four. Bend them in the middle to make eight legs. Put them carefully in one of the shapes and put the other one on top of them, trying to nest the two shapes together. It will be easy because they are made of cardboard. You may choose to add some glue to make your spider sturdier. Add the googly eyes and your spider will come to life… just be careful not to scare anywone ūüôā

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