I saw these hens in Hrisi’s blog –  Mery Poppins. I asked her if I could publish them at KROKOTAK as they seemed pretty and easy to make, and a wonderful Easter decoration. 

You will need some colorful fabric, a length of twine, glue, scissors, needles and beads. You can print out the template from HERE.

Cut out two identical triangles. Stitch them front to front. Leave a little opening where you will stuff the chicken with batting or cotton wool. Make the wings in the same manner (see template) and attach them to the body. Put some yarn ‘plumes’ on the head. Sew bead eyes and a fabric mouth. Braid the legs from twine and sew them to the body. You may add an apron from another piece of fabric.

Here are the other pretty hens Hrisi has made:

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