The season of hens, rabbits and colored eggs is near. I hope we can make you smile on this sad and gloomy day with a bit of color. 🙂


 printable template:



hen template

Preparing the basic shape is a mother’s job. After that you can leave the kids to decorate the hen. We used the papier-mache technique. The only improvement we made was using tissue paper so we wouldn’t have to paing the hen after it dries. You can use oridnary paper and then color it with acrylic or tempera paints.

We had different sorts of empty boxes. That’s why sometimes we had to change the shape a little, but, basically, it’s the same idea all over.4

1. This hen was made from a box with a narrow bottom panel.


2. This hen was made from a box with a wider bottom panel. Here we had to add a few pieces to close the upper part. 

Cardboad Box HENS

Cover the whole hen with torn pieces of tissue paper (you can use paper napkins or plain paper) and very diluted PVA glue. Place the paper piece then wet thoroughly with the diluted glue. Make several layers. When the hen is dry, it’s ready for the finishing touches – we made ours with wide markers. We cut the dots from white paper and glued them on.

easter crafts for kids

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