We drew the rocket with permanent markers so it wouldn’t come off every time we inflate the balloon. We used the clothespin only once 🙂 it made the two sides of the opening stick together and the rocket would not start off immediately… so it’s better just to hold it by hand.

When you let the balloon go, it shoots off  along the thread… except, I must admit, when it doesn’t. 🙂

This experiment was not-so-successful for me, but my daughter said it was wonderful 🙂 After we made it, she kept inflating the balloon and experimenting with the tautness of the thread, its length and inclination.

That’s why I decided to publish it in KROKOTAK – it’s an activity in progress, and we’re building upon it 🙂 Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

You need a balloon, a long thread, a drinking straw and some sticky tape.

Everything happens very quickly and you have to inflate the balloon over and over, and sometimes you have to change the sticky tape…

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