Our birthday celebration was a merry Indian party with lots and lots of rain 🙂 My daughter wouldn’t have any princess cakes, clowns or anything but horseriding, which was perfect for me.

I printed out 10 Indian feathers (on cardboard paper), I bought a box of facepaints and I made a reservation at the АDGOR Riding Complex (incredibly nice and pleasant people). The rain changed our plans somewhat but it was more exciting this way. Outdoors (when it didn’t rain), masked as Indians with proper Indian names (Morning Dew, Eagle’s Feather, Night Butterfly…), the kids had lots of fun.

I only regret that they couldn’t shoot arrows as we’d promised… the rain was to blame again.

They could ride the horses, though, even for a little while, which is an incredible emotion and adventure… especially when it rains 🙂