Kids love learning how things have been made before we buy them from the store. For them it’s too abstract to hear how the cotton plant turns into cotton thread that are then woven and sewn into clothes. That’s why we can use a makeshift loom to show them. They can use it to weave a little blanket for the dolls.


stan3You will need a box lid (we used a shoebox). Make a few evenly spaced cuts on the sides (it’s better to make an even number of cuts). Wind threads through the cuts to make the warp. Cut fabric strips in different colors. Do not make them too long as kids find it hard to weave them through the warp (each strip must be enough for 3-4 lines).

When you’re done with one strip, tie the next one to it.

When you’re driving the weft threads (cloth strips) through the warp, you should pass over one warp strip then under the next one, alternating sides until you reach the end of the line. From time to time push the woven strips down to make your blanket thicker. When you’re ready, cut the warp threads and tie them into strips so your blanket will not unravel.

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