how to make a witch hat for halloween

You will need a sheet of cardboard  (50-70 cm) – preferably black (we had a brown one, but I think it worked).

Рrint out the brim template 4 times:

how to make a witch hat for halloween

Tape the four parts together with sticky tape to make a full circle. Outline the template with a pencil (1). Snip  along the inner circle and fold up (2). Use the remaining piece of cardboard to make a cone (3). Measure along the brim. (4). Trim the ends to make them even. (5). Glue and staple the cone closed. Attach the brim to the cone. Glue the snipped ends of the brim to the inside of the cone (6). Decorate with various colored ornaments (7). We have used ‘golden’ wrapping paper.

духче от хартия за хелоуин

The little ghost was made from a ball of scrunched paper, covered with a white paper handkerchief and tied.

You can choose the domino template here.

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