This is the watermelon lantern made by Dessi Dimova and her daughter Kristina. Here’s part of their letter: 

“When I was a kid, we used to make watermelon lanterns every summer, so I offered my daughter to make one together at home. I chose a medium-sized watermelon, so she wouldn’t get tired and bored with all the scooping. Kristina (5 1/2 years old) scooped the watermelon all by herself. As she doesn’t use a knife yet, she suggested the designs. The actual cutting was done by me, or by the two of us together, though I also let her try it on her own a few times. The lantern was ready – and it turned out quite good for a first try!

Midsummer Halloween… from “Our childhood”

It was entirely by chance that I appeared on the photos from the watermelon party at  Ri-Ri-Rа…. thank God it was dark 🙂

Iskra Mircheva sent us this photo of Ilian, 4, who also has a watermelon lantern.

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