Colorful ICE POPS with plenty of vitamins.

We used the fruits we found in the nearby store – raspberries, a melon and some peaches. We chose honey rather than sugar as sweetener. We needed several plastic cups and some lolly sticks.

We whizzed the raspberries and added enough honey (icy treats need to be sweeter).

We poured the mixture in plastic cups, filling 1/3 of their capacity. We left them to harden in the freezer for an hour .

When we took them out of the freezer, we poured the melon and honey mixture. We put the lolly stick in and secured it with sticky tape (see photo) so that it would stand upright in the middle.

After another hour in the freezer we added the apricot and honey mixture.

4-5 hours later, when everything was frozen, we cut through the plastic cups and took out the ice pops…

The raspberry layer could have been sweeter, but the melon one was delicious.

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