Like it or not, Halloween is increasingly celebrated in Bulgaria. There’s nothing wrong in that- another holiday for the kids, a day when they can dress up and decorate their homes with funny and scary monsters. My daughter was very happy when she saw those bats – she said they were ‘very cute’ 🙂 and they were easy to make as always.

We published them early so you will have the time to collect lots of empty toilet paper rolls. Fold the two ends in as shown above. You don’t even have to glue them.

These bats come in two versions – one is intended for hanging (you will have to close them from below, too), and the other is for propping them up (leave the base open).

Color them with tempera paints (they don’t have to be black). Use accordion-folded colored paper to make the wings. Use a precision knife to make two horisontal slots into the paper roll and drive the folded paper through then spread it carefully. It’s up to you to decorate each bat to your taste.

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