For us mothers. For our small grown-up kids who are now starting school. I could hardly describe the whole excitement better than Mila  (Солунска 16).

Today is a special day, my child. You’ll be a student tomorrow. And today I want to tell you everything that’s important about school. Because it will be very different from everything you know. Today I wanted you to live a piece of you childhood so you’ll remember what’s best about it. We went to all the best parks, we made pizza, we ate raspberries with our hands, we ran with the dog in the park, we pretended to be scuba-divers in the bath, we called some friends and I even taught you to browse on YouTube. I wanted to prepare the ground for tomorrow so you’ll treasure the memory of it. I most probably will not succeed. Mothers never succeed with what they planned. Perhaps they think too much. I will just write this down and go inflate some balloons for your room. Perhaps I wouldn’t be able to do everything, but noone can stop me from trying.

Today I wanted to invent a different day for you. I bought you a toy without making you negotiate for it. You’ll spend your whole life fighting pointless arguments and people to get what you want. I had a fight with some strangers in the park because I wanted to show you something, and I don’t even remember what it was. I tried to tell you about the mistakes but you cried in the end. So I think I failed. Tomorrow is your first day at school and I secretely hope to come with you without failing the exam…  read the whole article