In my daughter’s class there are two wonderful girls whose mother was born in Taiwan. Shortly before the New Year they had drawn an enormous dragon and had told the class about the Dragon rituals celebrating the Chinese New Year. All the kids were very impressed, and I had some difficulty explaining why each year for us is just a couple of numbers while in Asia it is called The Year of the Dragon… guess which one was more interesting 🙂 

Paper dragon template


Print out the dragon template. Color it and glue on another colored sheet to make it sturdier. Fold an A4 sheet of paper lengthwise and fold it into an accordion. Attach the two parts of the dragon to the folded paper and add two wooden skewers for handles. 

Lots of thanks to Stassi Stoyanova and her son Eric for sending us this photo.


They were sent to us by Oksana Danailova, the winner from our last competition. Besides decorating the room, these dragons can serve as party invitations – just write the day and the hour of the celebration. 


Outline your kid’s hand as shown, then decorate. 

European dragon, Chinese dragon… did you spot the main differences? Not too bad for the less dragon-savvy moms :)))

Рrintable version

Рrintable version

3. Dragon Coloring Pages

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