When we left the kids at their grandmother’s home, I told them to collect and press some flowers. To my greatest delight they did it. Collecting different flowers and pressing them between the pages of an old magazine turned out to be a pleasant activity.

Now we used these flowers to make beautiful pictures for the room.

Well, we did have some failed attempts before we clarified the strategy – that we needed to have not just pressed flowers but also readily available frames (a quick trip to IKEA) and three paper sheets in matching colors for the base. We glued the flowers with PVA glue.

Pick some beautiful flowers and put them between the pages of an old book or magazine. Put a few thick volumes on top to press the flowers well. They will be dry in about 2 weeks.

Before you start gluing them, it’s best to try out several compositions to decide how you want the final picture to look.

Start gluing carefully with PVA glue and a thin brush.

kids projects for natural products