Here it was at last, the spring party at our preschool. The kids performed a play where the action took place in the forest. This was the occasion for making my spring tree.

I had 1m of  PVC  pipe cut at the hardware shop. I bought some tissue paper.

I was planning to use a plastic bucket for the base; I even cut the hole for the pipe but the whole construction was too light so I had to use a ceramic flower pot which I had filled with paper.

I made the green balls from 8 layers of tissue paper (each package contains 20 sheets).

See the step-by-step instructions for making the big paper balls that form the crown of the tree. When I opened them up, I tied them with some cable from the hardware store. It was also wrapped in brown tissue paper.

I made 5 ‘branches’ and put them in the ‘tree’ tube.

The little bushes around the tree were made in the same way as the green balls but they are only open on one side.

spring kids craft