We borrowed the idea from HERE. In fact, you can fill the balloons with whatever grains you like. The balls are incredible. They are so nice to knead and throw. Since we made them, my daughter won’t stop playing with them. And this type of exercise is very good for little fingers that will soon be spending a long time holding a pen. See how to make them:


To make one ball, you will need 3 balloons (pear-shaped), some grains and a pair of scissors. It’s very quick and easy. If your balloons are small (as ours were), widen the opening with your fingers and pour in the grains. Push them down from time to time to fill the balloon better. Tie the balloon when you’re ready. Cut the front part of another balloon and pull it over the ball to hide the knot. Put a third balloon over the first two just to be on the safe side. That’s it! Enjoy your game!