We took all kinds of objects and put them under a sheet of paper to make a rubbing 🙂 It was fun. 

Тhese are our experiments with the magical triangular crayons from  PRIMO.

Тhey are made with natural ingredients. They are easy to handle and use, and they won’t stain your hands. Just perfect for little kids.

Their triangular shape lends itself easily to the three-finger grip that the child will later be using to hold a pen or pencil.

Rubbings from Danonino magnetic letters. 🙂

They are good for rubbing over thin objects – leaves, paper fasteners, keys, etc. 

You may also draw with the wide smooth side – it leaves a broad even trace without having to press too much on the paper. This is an easy way to draw the sky, the space or some grass.

Drawing with the tip – you may draw very fine elements or even write!

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