Plastic Bottle SNOWDROPS

Plastic Bottle SNOWDROPS

Тhis year we don’t have any real snowdrops because it’s our first spring with a front garden 🙂 I’m even wondering where to buy snowdrop bulbs and when to plant them… things I never thought about when I was living in an apartment…

Plastic Bottle SNOWDROPSи

When I look at my old posts I see how my little girl has grown… where are those little hands that kept dropping things or couldn’t keep still while I was taking the photos 🙂

Plastic Bottle SNOWDROPS

You can use all sorts of white-colored plastic bottles – from milk, airan or juice. Sometimes they are covered in colored stickers which can easily be removed.

Cut out the lower part of the bottle with scissors. If you are unsure about cutting freehand, you may draw the petals first in pencil.

Cut them out and your snowdrop is ready.

Plastic Bottle SNOWDROPS

To make the handle, we joined two green drinking straws together (we inserted the end of one straw into the opening of the other one). We put two wooden skewers inside so the handle will not sag with the weight of the bottle.

кокичета от пластмасови бутилки

Poke  a hole in the lid with scissors. Snip the end of the straw several times so when you drive it through the hole you can spread the parts and stop ‘the flower’ from sliding down. As our lid was blue-colored (most are), we covered it with a piece of crepe paper.

да си направим кокиче от пластмасова бутилка

We used a similar technique to make the little leaf and the bigger one.

Spring is now welcome!


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