For this tractor you will need: an empty toilet paper roll, aluminium foil, a matchbox, chestnuts, toothpicks and masking tape, hips.

Wrap the toilet paper roll and the matchbox in kitchen foil. Pierce the chestnuts with a sharp object (a screwdriver will do) and insert the toothpicks to make wheels. Attach them with masking tape. Use the hips to make headlights. Cut the windows from stiff cardboard and glue them on.

Влакчето на Алесандър

From our mailbox:“Тhis is a little train me and Alexander made from chestnuts (for wheels), toothpicks (for the axles), some empty rolls of toilet paper (for the locomotive, the locomotive cabin and the wagons), a rosehip (for the engine chimney), colored paper for decoration, double-sided tape for attaching the paper, decorative stickers (Alexander had lots of fun with them)… and a plastic spinner he added as a lid to the locomotive cabin (optional)… .”